Saturday, 6 November 2010

A bit of Inspiration

Since my return to the Paleo lifestyle a month ago I have dropped 14 pounds.  That's pretty much without going at it 80%.  In fact I have hardly done any physical output to get there.  In the main I have concentrated on cutting out the crap reducing my consumption of alcohol ( mainly wine and brandy).

I was fairly satisfied with the months progress overall, but I am always looking at other Paleo blogs to see how other Primal followers are doing. I use their achievements a s a sort of yardstick to measure my own progress I guess.

This morning, while I was sifting through the usual junk on my facebook page ('you know what I mean, Dave really wishes he could find the car keys' or 'Pauline dosen't want do the washing up' - yeah total drivel), I saw link posted by Mark Sisson at MDA.   Check it out here, its stories like this that really spur me on, and if you are new to the Paleo community and need some convincing of the power of natural food, its an essential read